Work & Process

For client protection, I am only able to provide actual work samples by request at this time. I am in the process of putting together some anonymized use cases to show here.

About My Approach

I see design as a method for solving problems. In order to be successful with a solution, you need to fully understand the problem. I employ the use of qualitative and quantitative data to highlight, define, and validate the problem and use controlled testing to validate any design solutions. When dealing with new ideas or complex multi-page user flows, this is typically through the use of prototypes and user testing in an iterative method. When optimizing existing experiences for users, this is done in smaller, measurable changes and testing with live audiences using A/B, multivariate, or multi-armed bandit experiments where data can be precisely measured. When designing, I am typically using Figma for layouts and prototyping and am equally comfortable working with Sketch or Adobe XD if needed for collaboration with internal teams. I will also rely on Photoshop or Illustrator if new assets are required and use standard Microsoft or Google business software for documentation and presentation.

Top Brand Experience

This is a short list of brands that I have had the pleasure of working with.

About Me

I am a multi-talented artist and data sponge that is driven to fix all of the bad UX that exists in our world today. With a background in print, front-end development, application design, research, and archaeology, my approach to design is centered on the understanding the user and providing intuitive interfaces and journeys. My methodology focuses on identifying problems first and validating those problems with research and data. Once the problems are identified, you can begin to develop hypotheses for solving them and use testing and data to optimize the experience to not only solve the problem, but produce measurable results for KPIs.